Syed Ehsanul Haque

Welcome to Britannia University's Web site We hope it inspires and serve information of your visit. The people and comments filling these pages certainly inspire me.

It is my great pleasure to offer a message of generosity to potential students, guardians, educationists and other members of the society on behalf of the Britannia University of Bangladesh (BU). We shall be more than happy to welcome you at our campus to exchange and share your views.

On behalf of the entire board of trustees, thank you all for facilitating Britannia University to start journey in academic service to achieved respect of infrastructure and vision. My gladness has amplified to a very prodigious magnitude when the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has declared this University as one of the new Private Universities which have acknowledged Avocado Gesture for achieving all the necessary conditions imposed for that.

This University is uniquely ''Committed to Academic Excellence'' and will not only maintain the proper standard of imparting education, but also declared its commitment to keep it free from smoking, politics, drugs and indiscipline of all sorts and upholding this tradition to the satisfaction of all concerned.

For you, our donors, we want you to know that the Britannia University Foundation is committed to meeting your highest expectations. Academic enterprise will be driven above all by nosiness and by deficient to make a difference. As trustees, we regard our fiduciary responsibilities to manage every gift so that the Britannia University escalates the maximum benefit as a revered trust. We work diligently to perpetuate every support and assure that donor wishes are fulfilled to the exact letter of the expressed intent.



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