Prof. Dr. Surajit Sarbabidya

I feel honored and lucky being associated with Britannia University, Cumilla as Vice Chancellor in its 5th year of inception. In the meantime, four of Undergraduates and Postgraduates batches have passed out and the university is prepared to organize the farewell for 5th batch. It is indeed a matter of great pleasure to know that by the grace of almighty, most of our graduates are successfully engaged in various government, non-government and business organizations. Many of them are also successfully managing their own businesses and professions in their respective fields as well as pursuing higher studies home and abroad.

University is a place where knowledge is gathered, generated, and disseminated. Britannia University is a new organization in the domain of higher education in Bangladesh and situated at Cumilla. From the very inception, the University strives towards ‘excellence’ in imparting high quality education and skill development to a large number of young students. The university is also aware of inculcating appropriate human values, social commitment and patriotism side by side with academic pursuit of excellence. Teachers and students of this university join the local community in various development activities too as part of practical training and social commitment throughout the learning process.

The strategic plan of the university envisions to provide degree of international standard in future; in the sort-term, we all (BOT, teachers, administrators and students) are committed to uplift the status of the university among the ‘top ten’ private universities of Bangladesh by its 10th anniversary.

Now we are global citizens. In this era of globalization, knowledge is no more a selfish individual property. Everybody is entitled to be connected instantaneously with seven billion people worldwide simply by touching a keyboard of an electronic device. Anyone can become the partner in any discourse of his/her choice. We like to connect our younger generation with global power house of knowledge, universal human wisdom along with our national pride, culture, and heritage and core national values.

Let me take the opportunity of urging all our stakeholders such as government, University Grants Commission, private sector organizations of the region, all educational institutions in and around Cumilla, enlightened gentry and citizens for their generous help and assistance to our mission and visions.

Prof. Dr. Surajit Sarbabidya
Vice Chancellor



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